World-wide co-operation

Model Basins


As a result of the R&D projects on CLT propellers carried out among NAVANTIA, CEHIPAR and SISTEMAR sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation and Technology, CEHIPAR is in position to extrapolate the results of model tests carried out with CLT propellers with the same degree of accuracy than in the case of conventional propellers.

On the other hand, CEHIPAR has developed in combination with NAVANTIA and SISTEMAR a procedure to carry out cavitation tests with CLT propeller models.

CEHIPAR and SISTEMAR are actually co-operating in European R&D projects as SILENV, TRIPOD and AQUO as well as in the R&D project with the OFFICE OF NAVAL RESEARCH GLOBAL for the study of CLT propellers application in vessel of the U.S. NAVY.

Further to R&D projects on CLT propellers, CEHIPAR has a wide experience in commercial projects involving this type of propellers.

CEHIPAR has become a reference model basin worldwide for the performance and analysis of model test results with CLT propellers.

The co-operation between CEHIPAR and SISTEMAR has been extended to the application of CFD technology for the analysis of the performance of CLT propellers.

Design and consultancy offices


SINM is a “think tank” engineering firm providing services within the marine, off shore and industrial fields.

SINM works mainly for Ship Owners, Shipyards, Insurance Companies, P&l clubs and machinery manufacturers and operators.

SINM is specialized in:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Failure Investigation
  • Forensic Engineering
  • Litigation Support
  • Ship propulsion & CLT propellers

SINM is based in Genova, Italy.

SINM is also a shareholder of SISTEMAR.

Propeller manufacturers


The manufacturing of CLT propellers/blades may be accomplished just by those companies homologated and licensed by SISTEMAR, which nowadays are the following:



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